Finances & Governance

Our Governance: Responsible Stewardship

Arkansas Community Foundation engages people, connects resources and inspires solutions to build community. 

We're a statewide foundation working to create a better Arkansas by improving local communities. Our work is guided by these core values:

  • We have INTEGRITY. We do what is right, not what is easy.
  • We are INCLUSIVE. We respect diversity.
  • We are OBJECTIVE. We seek all points of view.
  • We are RESPONSIBLE STEWARDS. We take seriously the public's trust.
  • We are STRATEGIC. We strive to achieve positive long-term results.
  • We FOSTER ENGAGEMENT. We seek broad community involvement and work through partnerships.

Our Finances: Investing in Arkansas's Future

Arkansas Community Foundation is here for the long term. We were founded in 1976 with an initial investment of $258,000 from the Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation. Today, we manage assets of more than $335 million.

Through smart investing and the contributions of individuals, families, businesses and nonprofit organizations, we’ll continue to grow and provide an ongoing source of funding for the charitable causes that matter to Arkansans.

  • FY 2019 Q3 Investment Report [PDF]
  • FY 2019 Q2 Investment Report [PDF]
  • FY 2019 Q1 Investment Report [PDF]
  • FY 2018 Q4 Investment Report [PDF]

  • Our Policies:


    Our affiliate offices work locally in every corner of Arkansas. Find the affiliate near you.

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