Apply for Scholarships

Helping Arkansas students find support to continue their education is one of the most important ways we can improve Arkansas communities. Most Community Foundation scholarships are for Arkansas students pursuing higher education at two/four-year colleges or universities, vocational schools or technical training programs.

Arkansas Community Foundation manages dozens of scholarships established by donors to support education for students who meet various criteria. Some scholarships are designated for graduates of a named high school or for students who plan to attend a specific college.  Other scholarships are based on extracurricular activities or intended college majors. 

To help identify scholarships that you may be eligible for, visit our Scholarship Portal, create an account and complete the eligibility quiz to help you sort through our scholarship opportunities. You must complete the Eligibility Quiz in order to access scholarship application(s) for which you may be eligible. Click here to view our applicant tutorial.

Each scholarship has its own deadline and criteria, but applications for most are accepted annually from February 1 to April 1.


I'm graduating with distinction, not debt.

Barrett Goodwin, Little Rock, Political Science, Hendrix College


An appreciated investment towards my future.

Jennifer Draper, Brinkley, Biology / Pre-Med, University of Central Arkansas