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Help Your Clients Give Smart

You are your client’s trusted advisor. They rely on you for advice and to suggest solutions, including times when charitable giving might be right. You have your client’s best interests at heart. So do we. You understand your client’s goals; we understand smart giving.




The Arkansas Community Foundation works with Professional Advisors to help you enhance your relationships with clients by offering a simple, flexible, and efficient philanthropic process. You stay in control of your client relationships while we provide the resources and expertise to help you give your clients charitable giving pathways to match their needs. Whether your clients are looking to lighten their tax burden, invest in a cause, shift financial resources during retirement, or create a legacy of giving, we are here to make it simple and tailored to your client’s needs. 

We are in the business of building better communities. As charitable fundholders consider ways to give, our team is here to serve them in learning more about local needs within their areas of interest.

Hear how Robert Zunick, a financial advisor in Hot Springs, helps his clients achieve their charitable giving goals.

Benefits of Working with Us

  • We work with you to offer opportunities to meet your clients’ giving goals in tax-wise ways.
  • Our team is here to help facilitate a variety of gift types to provide opportunities for your clients to give back with assets they currently hold. We accept a variety of gifts including appreciated securities, real estate, personal tangible property, retirement plans, life insurance, and agricultural assets.
  • Through our “Separately Managed” program, you can continue to invest your client’s charitable dollars and retain the investment portfolio while they simplify their giving through an Arkansas Community Foundation charitable giving fund.
  • As certified charitable advisors, our team invests time with each donor to understand their motivational values and legacy goals in order to facilitate deeply rewarding charitable experiences. As your clients are considering how to make an impact, call on us to work alongside you to lead family discussions around giving goals, connecting with causes, or developing strategic giving plans.
  • For clients considering opening a private foundation, we provide a solution that may better fit their needs.
  • Our expert knowledge of the local nonprofit sector provides a unique opportunity to connect your clients with emerging needs and promising opportunities that match their giving goals.

Resources for Professional Advisors

Professional staff at the Community Foundation ensure your clients achieve the greatest impact in their giving, while receiving the greatest tax savings possible.

Download our Smart Giving Tax Strategies for an overview of the most commonly used strategies, and see below for more detailed information on charitable fund types and how to get started.


Q: Why should I choose the Community Foundation to help with my client’s charitable giving?

A: Arkansas Community Foundation encourages local philanthropy by supporting the growth of charitable funds. Established in 1976, the Community Foundation now has over $600 million in assets, nearly 2,100 funds, and has awarded more than $460 million in grants since inception. The Community Foundation is a statewide nonprofit organization serving all 75 counties through a network of 29 affiliates. Contributions to the Community Foundation, its funds and any of its affiliates are fully tax deductible. We have the experience of collaborating with families, individuals, and corporations to build our state’s communities through philanthropy.

When you partner with the Community Foundation, you stay in control of your client relationships. We provide the resources and expertise to help your clients achieve their charitable goals.

Q: Why should my clients establish funds or endowments at the Community Foundation rather than give directly to their favorite charity?

A: If they want to provide ongoing support forever to causes they care about, advantages of making those gifts through the Foundation include our permanence, our professional investment management, and our oversight role in making sure their wishes are met by the recipient organizations.

Our fund options allow donors to: give on an ongoing basis; give to more than one organization easily; redirect gifts over time as needed; make a gift using an asset other than cash; involve family or others; and create a legacy.

Q: How much does it cost to start a fund at the Foundation, and what ongoing fees apply?

A: There is no cost for starting a fund at the Foundation. Our administrative fees and minimum balances depend on the fund structure. These fees contribute to the total operation of the Foundation, all in support of Arkansas.

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