Our minimal administrative fees support the overall mission of the Community Foundation – to engage people, connect resources, and inspire solutions to build community. They enable us to serve both our donors and our community well.

Fees cover all costs associated with fund support and administration including receipt and tax acknowledgement of contributions, grant processing, investment oversight and an array of personalized giving services.

In addition to supporting donor services, Community Foundation fees strengthen our capacity to serve our community and simplify the work of nonprofits serving a broad spectrum of local needs. They allow us to commission data and research on the critical needs of our state, engage in leadership initiatives around important local causes, and serve the unique needs of all 75 counties in Arkansas.

As a nonprofit grantmaking organization (rather than a for-profit investment firm), the Community Foundation does not profit from our services. Our shareholders are Arkansans themselves. When choosing us as a giving partner, donors can take comfort in knowing their support is being leveraged and multiplied for the good of our state’s communities.


  • PERMANENTLY ENDOWED FUNDS are charged a 1% Annual Fee
  • QUASI ENDOWED FUNDS are charged a 1.25% Annual Fee
  • CHARITABLE DISTIBUTION FUNDS are charged a 2% Gift Fee


  • A minimum annual fee of $100 will be applied to Permanently Endowed Funds.
  • A minimum annual fee of $500 will be applied to Quasi Endowed Funds.