Hot Springs Area Future Fund

The Hot Springs Future Fund is a way for young professionals to give back to their communities. Simply put, you and your peers contribute to a special charitable fund at the Community Foundation, and together, you decide which local charities you want to support with your pooled dollars.

The Hot Springs Future Fund was started in 2010 by the Hot Springs Area Community Foundation and inspired by the Future Fund in Greensboro, N.C. Each year, new and current members pay membership dues based on their age and family status. These dues are pooled together for the year. Half of all membership dues go towards an endowment producing annual income towards each year’s grant cycle. The other half goes directly to the current year’s charitable grant giving account, and you join with the other current HSFF members to select which charitable organizations to support.

When you join the Future Fund, you get to meet other young professionals who share your interests, learn about needs in our community and take an active role in finding solutions.

Join us! The process is simple. The membership dues are:

  • Age 20 – 29 = $60 single, $100 couple
  • Age 30 – 39 = $100 single, $150 couple
  • Age 40 – 49 = $125 single, $200 couple
  • Age 50+ = $150 single, $250 couple
  • Sustaining Partner (55 + non-voting) = $300
  • Charter Giver (singles and couples) = $1,000

Click here to submit your membership dues, or mail a check with Hot Springs Area Future Fund in the memo line to:

Hot Springs Area Community Foundation
P.O. Box 56
Hot Springs, AR  71902

For more information on Hot Springs Area Future Fund’s annual membership event please click here.

Future Fund Staff Contact

Joyce Whitfield, Hot Springs Area Community Foundation

Future Fund Executive Committee