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Hatchlings Chicken Ranch

Hatchlings Chicken Ranch is far more than chickens. Nestled on Prickly Pear Loop in Faulkner County, the nonprofit farm helps make sure that Arkansan’s most basic need is met, food. But you can’t buy any of the produce.

Anyone can visit the farm and get local, organic, fresh produce for free through their Farm 2 Table project – no questions asked. “We don’t even ask for donations,” says Patrick Colb, president of the operation.

But free food distribution is just part of the generosity of the Ranch: About half the land is dedicated to growing produce that is donated to local food pantries and shelters; There is a row in the garden for local schools that get farm-fresh produce to students through a local Farm-To-School partnership; And the Ranch also has a kitchen that serves hot meals of locally sourced meat and ingredients grown on the property.

Arkansas Community Foundation recently provided a grant to Hatchlings Chicken Ranch to build a new high-tunnel so they can continue supporting their community through the colder months, thus extending the growing season.  Established in 2019, Hatchlings has been a staple in their Faulkner County and continues to lend a hand to those facing challenging times.