Advisor's Corner

NWA Professional Advisor Helps Clients Impact the Community

Michele Sears, Certified Financial Planner™ with Taurus Financial Advisors, LLC, in Fayetteville, first learned about Arkansas Community Foundation five years ago while serving on the board of Single Parent Scholarship Fund.

“That’s where my passion is. I care about Single Parent Scholarship Fund because I was a single parent, and I see the good they do in our community,” Michele explained. “I want to help my clients find and support the causes closest to their hearts.”

Arkansas Community Foundation has been a trusted resource for Michele helping clients make charitable giving decisions. Jody Dilday, the Foundation’s development director, has helped Michele’s clients connect with the local charitable causes they care most about.

“The Foundation offers an easy way for clients to make charitable donations to local causes while providing smart solutions with low basis, concentrated stock positions in their portfolios,” said Michele. “They offer sophisticated, creative solutions that allow clients’ charitable giving to have the most possible positive impact for them and their community.”

Michele graduated from the University of Arkansas with a landscape design and horticulture degree. Surprised to find a career in finance, she loves what she does and has never been bored in 32 years on the job. Michele has raised two sons and given countless hours to community causes in Northwest Arkansas because this is her home.

In addition to her work with clients, Michele is a member of the Community Foundation-sponsored Philanthropy Club, a group of philanthropists started by Jane Hunt. “It’s a great way to introduce like-minded individuals to challenges that need to be met in our community,” she said. “I’ve had my eyes opened to the importance of making sure my gift is a smart gift that satisfies those needs.”

Michele would “absolutely” recommend the Foundation to other financial advisors. “I see the Foundation as a connector for the wants and needs in the community,” she said. “They connect donors with vetted and appropriate nonprofits. They connect students with potential scholarships opportunities. They connect those seeking grants with those making the grants. To me, this is a classic win-win situation.”