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High-profile acts of altruism are inspiring philanthropists large and small

We often hear from our  fundholders that one of the reasons they love working with the Community Foundation is because the foundation is truly the community’s foundation. Whether a family has established a multi-million dollar field-of-interest fund or a donor advised fund to organize a few thousands of dollars of annual charitable gifts, the family knows that they have full access to the Community Foundation’s charitable giving expertise and deep knowledge of the needs in our region.

This is part of the reason we find it so heartwarming to see a focus on altruism appear in the mainstream media. When people from all walks of life can share in the joy of philanthropy, everyone wins. 

Here are a handful of stories we’ve particularly enjoyed that are worth checking out if you happened to miss them.

–Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia’s founder, and his family have just given their ownership of the company to charity by establishing a group of trusts and nonprofits.

–Here in Arkansas, our very own Dr. Omar Atiq made news when he forgave thousands of dollars of medical debt.

–And business leaders aren’t the only people who are increasingly publicizing their charitable giving commitments. More celebrities are sharing their stories of charitable passion, too.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts on these and other stories as philanthropy pops up in your news feed. The community foundation is here to answer your questions and provide the tools you need to activate your charitable intentions in a concrete, meaningful, and tax-savvy way.