Fordyce Survivors Fund

On June 21, 2024, Fordyce, Arkansas endured horrific violence when a gunman opened fire at a Mad Butcher Grocery store, killing four people and wounding nine. The entire state is heartbroken. Many have asked how to help.

Arkansas Community Foundation has established the Fordyce Survivors Fund to provide direct financial assistance to the survivors of the deceased and those directly affected by this tragedy.

The Community Foundation is partnering with two other organizations, Victims First and the Mass Violence Survivors Fund. These organizations have extensive experience in mass shooting support for survivors. 

The Foundation’s normal administrative fees will be waived and 100% of donations* will go to support victims directly affected. Qualifying charitable donations to this fund are tax deductible. *A fee of approximately 3% will be applied to donations made by credit card.

We recommend that those wishing to donate $5,000 or more pay by check or electronic transfer. You can also mail a check to 5 Allied Drive, Suite 51110, Little Rock, AR 72202.

The Mass Violence Survivors Fund is the leading authority on financial assistance to victims of mass casualty events. They help coordinate fundraising efforts nationwide and locally with strategies and tools for how the money is deployed effectively using a community-based decision making process.  It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Victims First works behind the scenes as rapid responders to mass shootings.  They have worked more than 50 shootings since 2012. They have developed a robust best practices document for use by any community or group affected by a shooting. It is the only comprehensive guide that exists to help community leaders, politicians, and nonprofits in alleviating the chaos that follows an event like what happened in Fordyce. It is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.



NEED HELP DONATING? Click here for donation instructions for the Fordyce Survivors Fund.