FAMILY GIVING is our Foundation

When Vicki Saviers reflects on the moment 47 years ago when she married her high school sweetheart, Mark, she said “The day we got married he looked at me and said, ‘We will always be partners.’ He meant that, and we still are.”

The Saviers have lived in Little Rock for 33 years. They were introduced to Arkansas Community Foundation after seeing a brochure with a prominent journalist promoting its services and reached out to the Foundation. Their first fund was opened in 2006.

Seventeen years later, the fund, and their partnership, is still growing strong.

“This form of giving is a great fiduciary vehicle,” said Mark, “Since we started our fund, about 55% of it has been granted; the remaining balance has grown to exceed our original gift amount. Because the funds are structured and invested in a smart way by the Community Foundation, we get to keep giving year after year, in perpetuity.”

The Saviers have made their philanthropy an annual family affair. “When we saw our sons growing up, coming into the job market and starting their own families, we saw this fund as a way to do something meaningful together,” said Vicki. “All the grants we make from our fund are a family
decision. Everyone gets a vote.”

“Our boys and their wives have their own charitable intentions separate from us,” she said. “Which we love, and they often focus on other causes, too. But we all share that original fund with the Foundation, and it allows us a meaningful connection with them.”

“We aren’t very comfortable being in the spotlight about giving,” said Mark. “We believe in tithing. That’s been a driver for us since the beginning of our lives together. We would prefer to give in private, but we hope by talking about Arkansas Community Foundation, it will encourage other families to create their own fund.”

Vicki adds, “Our sons married women who were raised to be givers, too. They are very active in their own communities and are great role models for our grandchildren. We are grateful for that.”

The couple doesn’t want public recognition in regards to their legacy. Rather, they want to make a difference for the causes they care about. “We just want to see things improve for the people of our state. I want it to be a better place for our grandchildren,” said Vicki. “I’d like for them to
learn and see philanthropy as part of their lives.”