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Arkansas Community Foundation can customize a giving plan based on your charitable vision. We offer a variety of options tailored to the needs of different kinds of givers. Consider where you might place yourself on this grid: 

Giving Matrix

Where is your heart?

Place-based focus vs. Issue-based focus

Some people are passionate about a particular issue: perhaps improving education, conserving our state’s natural environment or helping Arkansans lift themselves out of poverty. Other people are dedicated to a particular place and all the interconnected needs of its people and organizations. An issue-based fund or endowment could be right for you if:

You want to honor or memorialize a loved one by supporting a cause close to his/her heart

Don Munro
Building Community Endowment
Hot Springs
  • Your life has been touched by an experience in a particular issue area
  • You’ve been a committed volunteer and/or donor to a specific cause and want to provide a source of funding that will continue on even after your death.
Consider a place-based fund if:
  • You want to give back to the community that has supported your family or business through the years.
  • You’re active with a wide range of causes in your area and would find it difficult to choose just one to support.
  • You’ve been a committed community leader and want the work you began to continue on for generations to come.

We can even customize a fund that combines the benefits of issue-based and place-based giving by targeting a particular organization or issue serving a specific geographic area.

How hands-on will you be?

Donor-directed grants vs. Foundation-directed grants

Whether you want to take a hands-on approach to giving or entrust the details to our professional staff and volunteer advisory committees, we’ve got options to suit your needs. Creating a donor-directed fund or endowment might be the right approach for you if:

  • You already know the organization/s you’d like to support.
  • You plan to support a variety of organizations and causes from year to year.
  • You’d like to involve your children, grandchildren or others in the process of thinking about your community’s needs and identifying programs to support.


Creating a foundation-directed fund or endowment might be right for you if:

  • You want to ensure that your funds are used to support a wide variety of causes based on the most pressing needs at the time.
  • You want to give back to your community through a gift that is flexible enough to support dozens of local charities.
  • You plan to support a particular cause, but you need assistance finding the very best organizations working to address that cause. 


Learn more about about foundation-directed giving.

Structure Your Gift

You can create a fund or endowment suited to the impact you want to achieve.

Unrestricted Fund/Endowment


Designed to meet the changing needs of Arkansas and its communities. Grants are selected by the Community Foundation’s staff and advisory committees to make the greatest impact at a given time. Unrestricted funds are ideal for donors who want to give back to the community at large and have a wide range of charitable interests. 

Our signature Giving Tree Endowments are considered "unrestricted." Find out more about how a gift to your local Giving Tree Endowment can help you meet your charitable goals.

Field of Interest Fund/Endowment

Field of Interest 

Designed to support a variety of programs within a particular charitable field. You choose the field you want support, and the Community Foundation’s staff and advisory committees will handle the details of grantmaking within the parameters you provide. Field of Interest Funds are ideal for donors who want to make a deep impact in a single area.

Donor Advised Fund/Endowment

Donor Advised 

Allows you (and others you choose) to recommend grants to a variety of charitable causes. Each year, you can identify new causes to support or continue to be involved with charities you’ve supported in the past. Donor Advised Funds are ideal for donors who like to take a hands-on approach to giving or who want to involve the whole family in decisions about giving.

Designated Fund/Endowment


Allows you to support a particular charity (or charities) on an ongoing basis. You select the organization/s you want to support, and the Community Foundation will make annual grants from your fund to the organization/s you specify. Designated funds are ideal for donors who want to support a favorite charity for the long-term. 

Organization Fund/Endowment


Similar to a Designated Fund, an Organization Fund/Endowment supports a particular nonprofit organization. However, this type of fund is set up by the organization itself, to benefit its own operations (whereas a Designated Fund is set up by an outside donor).

Scholarship Fund/Endowment


Provides financial support for students seeking higher education. You choose the selection criteria for your scholarship, and the Community Foundation will convene a committee to select a recipient from among eligible applicants. Scholarship funds are ideal for donors who want to support the educational development of individual students.

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