Advisor's Corner

A personal note to our advisor colleagues

Arkansas Community Foundation is honored to work with you and your clients to structure charitable giving plans and establish funds that achieve both your clients’ charitable objectives as well as address our region’s greatest needs.

Our team at the Community Foundation intimately understands the issues facing our community and how grants from funds can be impactful. We do this through deep knowledge of Arkansas’ nonprofits, due diligence to ensure that each charitable dollar helps as many people as possible, and an unwavering commitment to investing in our community for the long term.  

As we enter into an era of potential tax reform, we pledge to keep you informed of legislative developments that will require you and other advisors to navigate the important distinctions between Community Foundation donor-advised funds and commercial donor-advised funds, as well as the differences between donor-advised funds and private foundations. 

No matter what legislation is passed and when, the Community Foundation team is here to educate you and your clients. We’ll also keep you posted on charitable giving options that are tax reform-neutral and suggest ways to leverage pre-legislation windows of opportunity. Please reach out with any questions you’d like to be sure we address in our advisor communications.