Clearing the Smoke: Fighting Tobacco Use to Save Lives and Billions of Healthcare Dollars

August 2016 ENGAGE Magazine


In this edition of ENGAGE, you will see how Arkansans are battling the state's single biggest healthcare menace - tobacco use. The cover story on smoking cessation beginning on page 2 follows an employee based program at Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs, AR. Engaging youth in stop-smoking behaviors is the subject of a how-to story on page 5. Also included are articles on the social and economic cost of smoking and information on new e-cigarette regulations. 

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Stories Inside: 

Cessation Programs Support Those Who Want to Quit by Kim Disongh
At Oaklawn Racing and Gaming, timing is key. Smoking cessation, even there, has to be done at the right pace. When smokers are ready and willing to quit, EMS/Wellness Director Ron Burnett helps speed up the process. Keep reading... 

How to Help Young Arkansans Speak Out Against Tobacco Use

Getting young people to have buy-in, especially on a topic like quitting tobacco use, can be tough. The student leaders of Arkansas Youth Leadership Initiative have valuable input on how to successfully inform and engage students on such a topic. Keep reading...

Social and Economic Costs of Smoking 
Smoking and other forms of tobacco use kill more Arkansans than the other top five killers combined, according to the Arkansas Department of Health. The latest data shows 5,800 people die each year from tobacco related illnesses, up from 4,900 in 2010. Keep reading...

Arkansas Viewpoints
Katherine Donald, Executive Director for Coalition for A Tobacco Free Arkansas, 
and Talaya Jones, Student Body President at McClellan High School in Little Rock, discuss whether or not Arkansas is taking the right actions to stop young people from smoking. Read their responses here.>>

E-cigarettes May Lead to Use of Other Tobacco Products

Touted initially as a method to stop smoking, vaping has become a gateway to use of combustible cigarettes and a hobby for a growing number of people in Arkansas and the nation, with older teens and young adults as a significant demographic. Keep reading...

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