Your family can work together to create good. 

Find out how smart giving can bring future generations of your family together around shared values. If you value giving back, we've got tools to help your family give together. 

Resources to help your family give smart

You can set aside a portion of your family's assets in a charitable fund or endowment at the Community Foundation to support causes that matter most to you and your children or grandchildren. We've got options that enable you to be flexible about the causes you support from year to year as your family grows and your interests evolve. Even after your lifetime, your heirs can continue to use your family's fund to keep your giving legacy alive.  

Talking to Your Family

Consider the values that are most important to you. What do you most hope to impart to future generations of your family? Here are three simple steps for getting the conversation started as you show your family how to give smart. Teach your family to support a mission. Honor your family legacy by making a gift to a family fund at the Community Foundation.  Then, use your family's fund to make grants that improve your community. 

TEACH the importance of giving

Starting the conversation as a family about giving can be a wonderful way to teach the power of giving to others. The links below include questions and conversation guides that can be useful for your family giving conversations.

Resources for you: 

A simple guide to define your family's giving philosophy and develop a strategic mission statement.
This guide explores how to start a dialogue to engage your loved ones and share your values. These stories will illuminate your charitable commitment and help you inform, inspire and involve your family. 
Read this excerpt from Inside Philanthropy on how to talk to your kids about smart giving. 
This workbook is designed to help begin your philanthropic journey in a positive and thoughtful way. By asking "why", you will discover how to enhance your family's shared giving experience. 
"Drawing upon their experiences as members of the renowned NYU Family Wealth Institute, [the authors] tell you how to talk to kids about money, how to teach them to handle it responsibly, and how to instill in your kids a sense of giving to their communities." 

Make a GIFT to honor your legacy

Find out how to start a charitable fund for your family. If you already have a fund, log in to view your balance, make a grant to a nonprofit or make a donation or recurring gift to your fund.

Resources for you:

Start a family fund: 
How to set up recurring gifts to your fund (.pdf)

GRANT to causes you care about

We've got the resources you need to find charitable organizations doing the work your family wants to support. Use the tools below to research local charities, and then use your family's fund at the Community Foundation to make grants to those you believe are working to improve your community.

Resources for you: 

See a full list of our funds and endowments at the Community Foundation. 
GuideStar profiles nonprofits to provide you with information to make smart giving choices.

Log in to your existing fund

Real Arkansas Families Talk about Giving

The Johnson Family of Greenwood

"In medicine, there is a phrase of 'see one, do one, teach one.' I feel like that applies to philanthropy and all of life. See others do good (be generous), we do good, we help others do good—that makes the world a better place."

Read their story


The Duvall Family of Little Rock

"Giving has always been intentional in our family and is born out of a history of communal sacrifice. Our parents and grandparents taught us to give regularly through time and money. We were taught to tithe in church and volunteer time in our community. Arkansas Community Foundation allows us to carry on this family tradition on another level." 


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