Corporate Social Responsibility and Smart Giving Go Hand in Hand

With the right tools, your business can make a difference in our state's communities. Let us help you get started.

As you begin exploring ways for your business to give back, partnering with Arkansas Community Foundation makes good business sense. Corporate leaders have an opportunity to promote smart giving in Arkansas while also increasing their employee engagement and strategic advantage. We want to be your go-to resource as you work to create better communities across our state. 

Why partner with us?

  • Smart giving can become easy. Charitable giving through the Community Foundation is an effective way to outsource your corporate giving program while also having the opportunity to support charities you care about. Our staff can provide you guidance in shaping your giving plan and managing your fund. 
  • There are tax benefits. Establishing a fund at the Community Foundation will give you immediate tax benefits even if you decide to grant the funds at a later date.  
  • It's a cost-effective option. Rather than keeping up with the costs of establishing your own supporting foundation, you'll pay a small administrative fee that will allow us to manage your fund while helping you keep your cost low.  
  • Organized giving creates a bigger impact. You will receive regular reports showing the charities you are supporting and grants that you've made. The fund can assist with the many requests that your organization receives for contributions and requests, allowing you to be more strategic in how you give back. 
  • We have tools to inform your initiatives. Better information leads to better solutions. You need to facts in order to make smart giving decisions and we can provide you with county-by-county data about charitable needs and existing programs in Arkansas.

Benefits of CSR

A successful CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program can benefit your organization in many different ways: 
  • Helps improve the community in which you have business interests
  • Engages and excites your employees
  • Attracts high-quality talent to work for you
  • Leverages your primary abilities to create opportunities outside of the corporate structure
  • Creates partnership and dialogue with groups to affect positive change
  • Brings the company's core values to life and highlights the code of ethics that defines your work

How We Can Help

Our Fund Options & Services

By partnering with us, we can help you make your program successful. We offer tools to help you make the most of your charitable dollars. 


Fund Options

Our Services

  • Corporate Charitable Fund
  • Disaster Relief Fund
  • Corporate Scholarship Fund
  • Executive Donor Advised Fund 
  • Grantmaking management and accountability 
  • Scholarship administration
  • Giving strategy development
  • Corporate Giving Campaign
  • Cause Marketing Campaign

See a full list of our tools and services.

Our Toolkit

Tools to Get You Started

Our Corporate Giving Toolkit can help you begin the development process and provide assistance as you begin to implement your program. Here's a snapshot of what's included:
  • Assessment: Take inventory of your current corporate giving practices.
  • Best Practices: Structure your bylaws for your advisory group so that they align with your company's values and you can continuously improve.
  • Conflict of Interest & Confidentiality Guidelines: Ensure that appropriate policies are in place to protect your company's program. 
  • Allocation Requirements: Discover the benefits of documenting your focus areas so you can make sure your being smart about your giving. 
  • How To Say No: Create guidelines so that by saying no to some charitable requests, you can say yes to the programs that align more with your giving goals. 



"Young people (age 20-30) want to be part of an organization that serves a greater good. If you don't do this corporately, they are likely not to stay. This is a huge recruiting tool for us. This why we engage all of them immediately upon hiring with our philosophy and get them involved." -HoganTaylor, LLP (Previously JPMS Cox, PLLC)

 "Arkansas Community Foundation plays a vital role in identifying needs and efficiently distributing funds that improves the lives of Arkansans and their communities." – Ed Choate, CEO and President of Delta Dental Arkansas


"AT&T and its employees are committed to strengthening communities and improving lives. Partnering with ARCF allows us to contribute to projects that meet diverse community needs. Investing locally not only improves the communities we serve, but the company as well." -Melinda Faubel, Director of External Affairs

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