Our Funds and Endowments Help You Invest in Causes You Care About

Like any worthwhile endeavor — building a career, earning a degree, raising a family or saving for retirement — smart giving requires planning and effort. However, creating a plan for your personal giving is one of the smartest investments you can make in terms of the potential payoff for your community and the causes you care about most.

C.J. Duvall with his mentee, Alyshia Williams
Duvall Family Charitable Endowment
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Step 1: Choose your giving timeframe. 

A charitable gift should be an investment in a cause you care about that will generate returns for your entire community. If you take a big-picture approach to giving, you need tools to help you protect and grow your charitable dollars so you can make a sustained impact. 

Are you excited by the idea of taking immediate action? Or are you motivated to create a long-term difference? We offer three types of charitable funds to meet the needs of donors with different time horizons. 



Legacy Endowments

For those who take a long-term approach to philanthropy, a legacy endowment offers longevity and stability. Legacy endowments are permanently invested. Only a portion of the fund is used each year for grantmaking so that the rest can be reinvested for the future. Long after you're gone, your endowment will continue to support the causes you care about. 

Leadership Funds

The leadership fund was designed for people who want to enjoy the excitement of giving now and the benefit of investing for future growth. Leadership funds are invested in the markets to keep them growing, but there's no limit on the amount that can be granted from your fund to the organizations you choose, as long as the fund balance remains above $50,000 for three years.

Action Funds

The action fund is ideal for people who want to support a short-term project or take action quickly on an identified need. Action funds are not invested in the markets, so the entire balance is available to grant to the charity of your choice at any time.

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