Submitting Your Application

Here are 8 things you should remember when submitting an application for any scholarship online:  


1. Read carefully. Make sure you qualify for all aspects of the scholarship before you begin the application process. Most scholarships have specific eligibility requirements; whether that includes your geographical location or the activities you participated in during high school.

2. Documentation. Make sure you supply all of the documents that the scholarship application requires. A lot of times, students submit applications with the wrong information OR the documents don't upload correctly when the committee tries to review your submission. Making sure everything is correct on the front-end ensures an easy reviewing process on the back-end. When students pay attention to detail, it matters! 

3. Be prepared. Almost all scholarships request the same things: transcript, ACT/SAT scores (copy of document supplied by testing company), and 2 letters of recommendations. Having these things prepared for when you begin the application process will save you time and energy that is better spent on those questions requiring deeper thought.

4. Letters of Recommendation. These are important! They will help create a picture of who you are as an individual. Make sure you select someone who knows you well and who can provide the necessary information that is most relevant to the scholarship you’re applying for. Give them plenty of notice; don’t wait until you NEED it!

5. Start your application TODAY. You can start your application and save it in draft form. Sometimes it helps to work on the outline first, and come fill in the rest later. Just be mindful of the deadline!

6. Follow the instructions. Does the application require two letters of recommendation? Then you should submit two. Does the application require a handwritten essay that amounts to three pages in length? Make sure that’s what you provide. Half the battle of applying for scholarships is paying attention to detail – committees that review applications are scoring you on this!

 7. Grammar matters. Capitalization, punctuation, tenses, etc. – make sure you proofread your document before you submit it! Grab a friend, teacher, or parent to help you with this. Often times, students are docked points because of small oversights such as grammar. Don’t let this be you!

 8. Reach out for help. There’s no harm in asking questions. Reach out to find help and make sure you understand everything correctly. It will usually pay off in the long-run!


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