Apply for Grants from the Arkansas Delta Endowment for Building Community

Through our Arkansas Delta Endowment for Building Community, we're making grants to help improve social and economic conditions for children and families in the 26-county Delta region. 

The Arkansas Delta Endowment for Building Community was established through a gift to the Community Foundation from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Who's Eligible?

501c3 nonprofit organizations, public schools and government agencies in 26 Delta counties are eligible. (See “Where We’re Currently Making Grants”.) Other organizations may be eligible if the proposed project has a clear charitable purpose.

Your proposal should address one of these purposes:

  • Improving the conditions of people and families in the Arkansas Delta
  • Building local capacity and infrastructure in the Arkansas Delta
  • Fostering networks and connections across the region


Generally, we don’t provide funding for:

  • Support for annual fund raising events
  • Support for capital campaigns
  • Projects that address sectarian religious purposes (however, faith-based organizations may apply for community-based programs)
  • Projects that have a political bias
  • Multi -year proposals
  • Scholarships or fellowships for formal education at any level


Where We're Currently Making Grants

The application period has closed. Projects serving one or more of these counties in the Arkansas Delta were eligible to apply:

  • Arkansas
  • Ashley
  • Chicot
  • Clay
  • Craighead
  • Crittenden
  • Cross
  • Desha
  • Drew
  • Greene
  • Independence
  • Jackson
  • Jefferson
  • Lawrence
  • Lee
  • Lincoln
  • Lonoke
  • Mississippi
  • Monroe
  • Phillips
  • Poinsett
  • Prairie
  • Randolph
  • St. Francis
  • White
  • Woodruff

Grant Funding Range

Grant requests can begin at $5,000 and go up to $15,000, depending on the comprehensiveness of the project. While larger grant requests will be accepted, we encourage you to request only an amount that your project warrants. Larger requests can be considered if the applicant provides evidence that receiving a grant from the Arkansas Delta Endowment for Building Community will enable match funding from other sources.

What We're Looking For

We use a two-stage application process for the Arkansas Delta Endowment program. The first-round application is a short form that gives us some basic information about your project. From there, finalists will be asked to submit a more in-depth second-round application. 

The main question we'll ask when reading your first-round application is, “Does this project or program improve the social and economic opportunities for children and families in the Arkansas Delta?” We’ll also consider:

  • Potential benefit to the particular population served and to the Arkansas Delta as a whole
  • Capacity of the organization to achieve the results outlined in the proposal
  • Potential for sustainability beyond the period of the grant
  • Evidence of cooperation and collaboration with other organizations working on the same issues
  • Creativity of the approach

If you are asked to submit a second-round application, we’ll ask you for some basic information about your project.

  1. Background and rationale (describe the challenge, need or opportunity to be addressed and why it was chosen, how the proposed concept was developed, who was involved in the planning)
  2. Description of proposal’s concept (describe what will take place, when it will happen, where it will happen, who will make it happen, who will participate, partnering organizations)
  3. Anticipated outcomes to be evaluated (describe the changes or improvements you expect to occur; how the changes will address the situation described above; how you plan to determine if expected outcomes did actually occur; and how the change will be measured)
  4. Capacity of grantee (brief history of the organization and how it and the project director are qualified to plan and to implement the proposal)
  5. Dissemination [if applicable] (if the project could be replicated elsewhere in the state or region describe how the results will be shared at the close of the grant period)
  6. Sustainability [if applicable] (describe how the program will be funded after the grant ends)

You’ll also be asked to provide a project budget, list of contributions from other sources, proof of tax-exempt status (if applicable) and a list of your board of directors.

What Do We Mean by a "Creative Approach"?

For this grant, we're looking for projects that take a creative or innovative approach to challenges facing the Delta region. What do we mean by that?
Here are some examples of previous grants:

  • Support for Main Street Helena, for an EBT payment system for the Downtown Helena Farmers Market to enable WIC and SNAP recipients to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at the farmers market. This project provides a way for citizens to use existing resources (SNAP and WIC) to access new sources of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Support for Lee County Family Resource Center based in Marianna, to implement action steps from the Lee County Revitalization Plan, including creating more recreational opportunities for children in rural communities, establishing a Reading Buddies Literacy Program and implementing a communications plan for the revitalization effort. This program involves multiple action steps from a comprehensive plan developed with broad community input.
  • Support for Family Community Development Corporation based in Pine Bluff, to establish a community garden that would engage teens, the UAPB campus community and residents of the University Park neighborhood and foster greater collaboration among these groups. This programencourages collaboration among multiple organizations and addresses several community needs - neighborhood beautification, developing sustainable food sources / urban gardening skills, and building social capital.

While each proposal will be considered on its own merit, in general we're more likely to fund:

  • Projects that involve collaboration
  • Projects that "kill two birds with one stone" by addressing several community needs
  • Projects that will create a new way to use existing resources or help existing resources stretch farther
  • Projects based on a strong planning process that involves assessing community needs and seeking input from a variety of sources

Apply Online

We usually accept first-round applications May 1 - 22. 

Don't Forget Your Six-Month Report!

If you've received an Arkansas Delta Endowment grant, be sure to submit a grant report form within six months of receiving the grant. We want to know how your project is going and how you're using your grant.

Delta Circles, based in Helena, received an Arkansas Delta Endowment grant to implement financial literacy and life-skills training classes in Phillips County.

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