Members of Our Giving Tree Society

Donors who contribute to one of our Operating Endowments or Giving Tree Endowments (or any other unrestricted fund) become members of our Giving Tree Society, a special group of friends who believe in the mission of the Foundation and are investing in our future.

Giving Tree Endowments Respond to Local Needs

Each of our 28 affiliates has its own local Giving Tree Endowment, as does our central office in Little Rock. We use these pooled charitable funds to make annual grants through a competitive application process open to nonprofits throughout the state.

Contributing to the Giving Tree Endowment in your community might be right for you if:
  • You want to ensure that your funds are used to support a wide variety of causes based on the most pressing needs at the time.
  • You want to give back to your community through a gift that is flexible enough to support dozens of local charities.
  • You're focused on the future of your community and want to provide funding for needs you may not even be aware of right now. 

Your Gift Helps Arkansas Forever

Your gift will remain in Arkansas, where it will benefit charitable causes and organizations locally and statewide forever. Committees of local leaders in each community determine the best use of Giving Tree grant funds each year, so you can have the confidence of knowing that people with an intimate knowledge of your community and its needs will ensure Giving Tree funds are used wisely.

We're Proud to Recognize These Members of the FY2015 Giving Tree Society

  • Mockie and Raymond Abramson
  • Rebecca and James Andrews
  • Ocie Banks
  • Sandra and Joe Barron
  • Jill and Blake Batson
  • Leslie and Ted Belden
  • Nickie and Ross Bell
  • Sally and Gene Bennett
  • Carolyn Blakely
  • Alyson Bradford-White
  • Brenna and Craig Boone
  • Lynda Bowman
  • Robert Bowman
  • Callie Brandon
  • Al Brodell
  • Sharon Brooks
  • Addie and Perry Brown*
  • Charlotte and Robert L. Brown
  • Molly and Bob Burns
  • Carolyn and Jerry Buttry
  • Judy and Hall Calhoun
  • Caroline and Michael Cameron
  • Braun Campbell
  • Lori and Martin Carpenter
  • Ann and George Carrithers
  • Joan Cash
  • William Cheek
  • Chester's Diesel, LLC, Eudora
  • Sharon and Michael Cissell
  • Peggy Clark
  • Carolyn Clegg
  • Kathryn and Mike Cloutier
  • Jessica and Clifton Collier
  • Jennifer And John Conner
  • Charleen and Edgar Copeland
  • Cathy and Ernest Cunningham
  • Dalton Motors, Inc., Marianna
  • William De Yampert
  • Diamond Bank, Hot Springs
  • Berniece Dickson
  • Rebecca Drum
  • East Arkansas Title Company, Helena
  • Crystal and Donald Eastman
  • Laura and Steve Edwards
  • Peggy and Edwin* Evans
  • Rebecca and Jackson Farrow
  • Becky and Trent Felton
  • Sara Ann and Dan Felton III
  • Jennifer and Todd Ferguson
  • Kathy and Mike Ferguson
  • Sharon Ferguson
  • Mary Shannon and Lawrence Fikes
  • First Community Bank, Cave City
  • First Community Bank, Highland
  • First Presbyterian Church of Marianna
  • First United Methodist Church of Arkadelphia
  • Val Fisher
  • Kay And Stuart Fleischner
  • Patti and H. Mark Fleischner
  • Cathey and Charles Flowers
  • Thomas Flowers
  • Gloria and Rogers Ford
  • Lisa and Leonard Fort
  • Mary and Charles Fowler
  • Nancy and Keith Freeland
  • June and Edmond Freeman
  • Sarah and Carl Frein
  • Rebecca Gattas
  • GES, Inc.-Food Giant, Marianna
  • Stacy Gillison
  • Thomas Gist
  • Angela and Don Greenland
  • Sally and Leroy Gorrell
  • Gina Gomez
  • Teretha and Alfred Harper
  • Joseph Hayes
  • Hayes Mechanical, Inc., Eudora
  • Hickory Hill Pharmacy, Helena
  • Jan and Bliss Hicky
  • West and Weezie Higginbothom
  • Lucy and Steven Hill
  • Leigh and Billy Hinkle
  • Paige Partridge Hix and Robert Hix
  • Nancy and Mark Hobbs
  • Rebecca Hogan
  • Marie and Matthew Holland
  • Nancy and Jim Howe
  • Linda and Jerry Huff
  • Marla and Dennis Hunt
  • Donna and Eric Hutchinson
  • Lisa Melton Jackson and Philip Jackson
  • Suzy and James Keasler
  • Victoria and Ken Kilgore
  • Glenda and Ron Knost
  • Janis and Richard Leake
  • Talicia Lee-Richardson
  • Lennox International, Inc. 
  • Paula and Drew Linder
  • John Logan
  • Jane Lucas
  • Sue and Donald Lucky
  • Ludwig Distributing Co., Inc., Stuttgart
  • Betty Millsap
  • Morrilton Firefighters Association Inc.
  • Nabholz Charitable Foundation
  • Deborah and Stephan Nipper
  • Lona and William Noonan
  • Harold F. MacDowell, Jr.
  • Ellen and Peter MacKercher
  • M & I Electric, Inc., Lake Village
  • Tad Margolis
  • Moorene and Donald Massey
  • Betty and Ronnie McFarland
  • Carolyn and George McLeod
  • Oscar Melton
  • Phoebe Miller
  • Bennette and Walter* Morris
  • Nancy Mortensen
  • Barbara and Don Munro
  • Debra and James Murray
  • Danny Odle
  • Eva and James Pappas
  • Guy Patteson
  • Lynn and William Payton
  • Deborah And Rusty Peck
  • Marian and Andy Peeler
  • Dabney and Tom Pelton
  • Jared Pieroni
  • Dorothy Pollock
  • Angela Pryor
  • J. Tait Owens, III
  • Rainwater & Cox, LLC, Jonesboro 
  • Christiana and George Ransford
  • Kristin and Nathan Reed
  • Linda Reeves
  • Mary and Sam Rhoades
  • James Roberson
  • Roscopf & Roscopf, P.A., Helena
  • J. W. Rowe
  • Shannon and Chad Russell, Chad Russell Farms
  • Denice and James Schuler
  • Helen and John Selig
  • Baxter Sharp III
  • Bettie and Wendell Skelton
  • Anna and Skip Smith
  • Brandon Smith
  • Lucy and Mark Smith
  • Denise Snider
  • Southeast Arkansas Realty, Lake Village
  • Kerry and Ramey Stiles
  • Jan and Therral Story
  • Regina and Charles Stuart
  • Perla Talebi
  • Gina and Philip Tappan
  • Carolyn Terry
  • Charlotte and Robert Thompson
  • Estella and Chris Tullgren
  • Bonnie Turrell
  • Donna and Don Twyford
  • Joan Van Vactor
  • Christie and Moreland White
  • Evelyn White
  • Lee White
  • Janet Williams
  • Mary and Lonnie Williams
  • Wilson Progress Committee
  • Jerry Winn
  • Otto Wolf
  • William Wood
  • James Wray
  • Betsy and Ed Pat Wright
  • Patricia and Vern Wright
  • York Spinal Care, Morrilton 
  • Mary And Robert Zunick



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