Members of Our Diamond Society

Members of the Diamond Society partner with the Community Foundation to carry out their dreams for Arkansas’s future. When you make us aware of your bequest or other planned gift to the Community Foundation, you automatically become a member of this very special group.

Your gift can be made through a will, insurance policy, retirement plan, charitable remainder trust or remainder interest in property. We hope that you will share your plans with us so that we may honor and thank you, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.


Madelyn and Jerry B. Adams
Sharon K. Allen
Ruth M. Allen
James J. Anderson
Lovie and Robert Andree*
Betty J. and Ted F. Andrews*
Diana D. and Ty Arikan
Betsy L. Askew*
Bobbie A. Atkinson
E. Austin Temple*
Diane B.* and W.E.* Ayres
Sharon and Ted A. Bailey
Constance and Edwin L. Baldwin
Martha Barber*
Austin T. Barnes
Virginia M. Bartos*
Bobby and Ken* Bates
Carol Belford-Lewallen and Lloyd Lewallen
Cynthia and Lester D. Bergen
Celia Bernheimer
Laurie and James A. Bibler
Alicia and Larry Bigger
Debbie and Wayne M. Blasi
George W. Bode
Agnes Bowman*
Gordon L. Boyer
Mary M. Boyer
Jo Ann* and Robert B. Branch, Sr. 
Ruth and Randy Branin
Jack and Coco Bruner*
Pamela and Hubert W. Burkhalter, Jr. 
Gertrude Remmel Butler*
Alice Y. Camp*
Lois and Paul J. Cannedy*
Glenda J. Cantey
Joan M. and Robert F.* Carlton
Patricia Ann Cheatham
John C. Childers*
Deanna W. Clark
Bette and Merrill Clark
William L. Cook, II
Susan Neeley Cook
Tina Shelby and Randall R. Cooper
Lesley and Tony Cooper
Ann Hayes and Jere B.* Cooper
Steve Corbell
Mary Ann and Don P. Cox
Bonita R. and William L.* Crabtree
Sarah J. Creasy*
Archie W. Crittenden*
Flora Bittner Croft
Pat and Ed Cudworth
Patricia and Donald D. Curtis
Mary Ann Dawkins*
Lois K. Deane* 
Lee Anna G. and James DePriest*
Vernelle and Emil DeRyss* 
Doris Burnett DeSousa
Fred W. Dietrich
Mary F. and Tom W. Dillard
Jayme S. Dissly
Wanda and Jerry Drake
Edwin J. Drimmel, Jr.*
Robert J. Dudley
Gertrude D. Dunlop
Dorothy E. Dupree*
Lindsey East*
Barbara and Sidney G. Edelbrock
Cathy and James E. Eickman
Margaret Fox and Ronald Elchesen
Jo Ann and Claude Eubanks
Patricia D. Evans
Joyce and Jim Faulkner
Frances S. Fendler
Jennifer and Todd Ferguson
Melba A. Fildes*
Wanda Finger
Susan and Sam Fiori
Michele and Leward C. Fish
Carla and Al Fowler
Ed Franklin
Sally A. Gardner
Mary Lu and David C.* Garrett
Inez and LeGrande C. Gibbs
Sarah and Andrew G. Goesl* 
Judith C. Lansky and Kenneth S. Gould
Edward Grauman*
Sandra Perry and John S. Graves
Mary and Robert Euclid Green*
Mollie H. and Jack E. Grober*
David F. Gruenewald
Linda Gail Hamm
D. Scott Hancock
Gene Hancock
Ron Hannah
Patrick Harding
Stacey and Russell L. Harral
John T. Harris*
Sheila and Russell G. Harrison
Eulamay M. Haswell*
Mary E. Hazel
Janelle and H.L. Hembree III*
Brenda and Dave Hill
Marilyn Hill
Carolyn Cole and Sam M. Hodges*
Johnnie Holcomb*
Leslie and Don Hollingsworth
Katherine V. Hollis*
Linda and Robert H. Holmes
Mildred and Richard F. Homan
Norma and Alfred J. Iffland
Robert W. Inman*
Sally Riggs* and Vincent Insalaco
Mary Helen Haskett Jacoway*
Lynn Jenkins and Sue Rolle Jenkins
Senora M. Johnson*
James Reeder Johnson*
LuRene and Charles* Jolly
Philip A. Jones
Penny and William F. Kasdorf
Mabel and John Kimbrow
Molly H. and Larry E. Kircher
Marilyn and Buddy Kissinger
Nora and William Klinger
Deborah and Thomas Knox
Nell Koehler
Burnis and Mark A. Koehler
Stella and Frank Kolar
Mary Beth Koprovic
Ellen R. and Vernon L. Lacey
Connie F. and Michael S. Lambert
Heather Larkin
Martha Nelson Larson 
Frances M. Larzelere*
Carolyn and Paul Lasseigne
Melvin Lawson*
Brownie Ledbetter*
Evelyn and Andrew D. Lewis
Allyson Lewis
Betty and R. A. "Brick" Lile* 
Pat and John G. Lile
Dorothy and Hugh Longino*
Gelene G.* and Harold F. MacDowell, Jr.
Edward S. Maddox* 
Lorayne and Lloyd Mambourg*
Edwina W. Mann
Kay and Mahlon Maris
Barbara and David Martin
Alma A. and Paul T. Stroud*
Barbara and Clyde* Mathes
Norma and Denis C. Mattingly
Shelia and Bill McCallum
Pamela and Steve McCumber
Josephine McGill*
Samuel D. McGill*
Thomas W. McGill
Judith and Sam McGuire
Carolyn and George E. McLeod
Janet and Rex McMahan*
Margaret and Michael L. McNabb
Lisa D. Melton and Philip Jackson
Patricia and Robert D. Messer
Dan Miller*
Phoebe and Dan* Miller
Karon and William K. Mizell
Frances C. Moore*
June and Jake Morse
Sue and David L. Mosley
Cheryl and Daniel J. Mumaugh
Jackie and Harold Neal*
Susan and James A. Nelson
Catherine V. Netchvolodoff
Linda S. Neyendorf
Claire and William C. Norman*
Martha Ann Norton*
Joan and John* Nutt
Paula M. O'Connor*  
Odell Taylor
Chad Oldham
Beverly and Lee Parker Jr.
Cecilia and William R. Patterson
Tom D. Patterson*
Dorothy M. Paulik* 
Marian and Andy Peeler
Genevieve M. Pennington*
Lois A. Bell Peverelle
Susan Pfeifer*
Marilynn and Robert A. Porter, Jr.
Janet and Steven J. Porterfield
Karen Potts
Charlean and Everett Pringle*
Cindy and Thomas R. Pugh Jr.
Dede* and John G. Ragsdale, Jr.
Paul C. Rawlings
Frances and Stephen H. Replogle
Nancie Rettig*
Hal Robbins* 
Jerre and William B. Roberts
Betty and William C. Roberts
Dojelo Russell
Willa Mae Rutledge*
 Letitia E. Ryles
Nila and Rex R. Saylor
Helena Roma and Jack E.* Scharoun
Charlotte T. and Melvin* Schexnayder
Jo and Ronnie L. Schnakenberg
Dorothy and Bob Schuchardt
Carolyn V. Scruggs
Wanda and Lucian* Shockey
Anna and Robert* Simek
Karen and Edward C. Simmons
John B. Simpson
Eddie Sizemore
Rebecca and John I.* Skinner
Cleo and John* Smith
Robert F. Smith*
Wilma and Gordon Smith*
Rosalyn G. Snyderman*
Jeanmette and Larry Snyder
Katherine and Robert L. Spears, Jr.
Charles  N. Spicer*
Junius M. Stevenson*
Grace* and Ronald D. Stoner
Daralee Brandt and Jeffery N. Stroud
Carma A. and William D. Stroupe 
JoNancy L. Sundberg
Barbara and James E.* Suttles
Lou and Conner Taylor*
Margaret Taylor*
Tammy R. Taylor
Kay and John O. Thomas Jr.
Natalie Tolman
Marilyn and Sam Hummelstein
Donna and Mac Van Horn
Wanda Lee and James E. Vaughn*
Mary Ann and Robert F. Wajda, Sr.
Kathy and Joe Walker
Gail and Patrick Walker
Mark Walton
Deborah Walz and Dan Holland
Lynette H. and Michael R. Watts
Carolyn and David O. Watts
Carolyn and William M. Watts
Barbara and Bernard* Weinstock
Catherine and Charles* West
Stacy and Richard Bruce White
Roy V. Whitten*
 Diana and James Wiegand
Joan and Paul F. Wilbur
Mary Alice Willcockson*
Amy M. and Mark C. Williams
Ann and Richard A. Williams
Arnell Willis Sr.
Gail and Joe T. Wilson, Jr.
Debra Wood
Tammy and Robert Yeargan
David M. Yocum IV
Marilyn Young

Updated January 2018

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