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Smart Giving With Your Family
/ February 16, 2016

The Fuller Family

Smart giving can bring future generations of your family together around shared values. Arkansas Community Foundation helps families give back by providing tools to help your family give together.

When asked what Philanthropy means to their family, the Fullers of Little Rock, Ark., explained to us that while they each have their own ideas about who should receive support, they’re sure that by working together they will make the right decisions. Read more about their family’s giving practices through the Barringer-Fuller Family Charitable Endowment at Arkansas Community Foundation.

What is philanthropy to your family? 

Philanthropy has always been about giving a helping hand to those in need. We were always taught to help those less fortunate than ourselves and learned the joy of giving from our father, Paul. He supported music and arts, and later created a scholarship endowment with his brother Reed at Henderson University and was a lifelong supporter of his church in Gurdon by helping with buildings and donating pianos. He was someone who was always willing to help someone who was down on their luck.

To what extent do you give from the head versus the heart? 

We actually chose to set up our charitable fund with Arkansas Community Foundation in order to gift in a more responsible and thoughtful way. With the Foundation’s help, we can make sure our contributions get to those most in need.

What would you like your children and grandchildren to learn about giving to others? 

It is our hope that our children and grandchildren will continue to appreciate the importance of charitable giving by making a difference in others’ lives as well as their own by giving their time and resources to causes they care about.

What is philanthropy’s importance to society? 

Charity should be considered a means to move people forward in life, not just a crutch to be relied on.  

What do you hope your family’s philanthropic legacy will be?

We hope to help create a better community and a better Arkansas by helping those most in need.

The Fuller family hopes that future generations will continue to appreciate the importance of making a difference in other people’s lives through their own giving. When asked about how they see their giving evolving, they hope to continue to build up their charitable fund so they can support larger donations and give back to nonprofits who are dedicated to using gifts to make an impact in their communities.

To learn more about creating a fund like the Barringer-Fuller Family Charitable Endowment, read more here.

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