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Let’s work together to make Arkansas the best state it can be. If you love giving, we can help. Get connected to the tools and information you need to be a more effective giver.

/ July 13, 2015
How has your life story compelled you toward philanthropy? Read about how one couple’s personal struggles ultimately led them to want to give back…

/ June 18, 2015
What should you NOT do when writing a grant proposal? Learn more in our "Arkansas Community Foundation Blog Post: The Top 10 Grant Proposal Mistakes" blog post!

/ June 11, 2015
Read responses from Governor Asa Hutchinson and Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation's CEO Sherece West-Scantlebury about the most important statistics/metrics that Arkansans should be working to change. Arkansas Viewpoints is a guest column within the Community Foundation's quarterly ENGAGE magazine.

/ June 1, 2015
The Arkansas Black Hall of Fame Foundation (ABHOF) announced a total of $32,470 in grants for 16 projects benefitting minority and under-served communities across the state. The grants, administered by Arkansas Community Foundation, will support projects focused on education, health and wellness, youth development and small business/economic development.

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