How We Invest

We Invest for the Long Term

Arkansas Community Foundation helps you protect, grow and direct your charitable dollars. When you establish a fund or endowment at the Community Foundation, your gift continues to grow and benefit your community now and in the future.

How We Invest

The majority of our endowed funds are pooled together and invested as a group. We use the "prudent investment rule" in all of our investment considerations. This strategy is based on the Total Return concept, which allows investment managers to focus on maximum total return from capital appreciation, dividends and interest.

Investment Advisors

Our Finance Committee, along with investment manager Mercer, develops investment objectives and policy and asset allocation, and selects managers appropriate for each asset class. Manager performance is then closely monitored on an ongoing basis.

Other Partnerships

In order to provide flexibility, we've formed an alliance with American Funds to give our donors options and allow individual brokers to maintain an ongoing interest in the investment assets donated by their clients.

Our investment policy allows the use of Independent Investing Managers in certain instances. Contact Heather Larkin at to learn more.

Asset Allocation, Fiscal Year 2017

Our strategic asset allocation diversifies investments to achieve long-term growth while minimizing risk:

Allocation as of June 30, 2017:

Investment Performance, Fiscal Year 2017


 Performance as of June 30, 2017   1 Year   3 Years   5 Years    10 Years    Since Inception 
Composite return net of investment fees  13.0%  3.3%  7.2%  4.1%  6.3% 
Composite index based on actual allocation  13.3%  4.2%  7.7% 3.0% 5.8% 

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