Community Funds Bring Neighbors Together to Support Local Needs

There’s strength in working together. Arkansas Community Foundation’s Community Fund program offers a framework for people from a defined geographic area to come together to support common causes. 

Community members work together to raise a shared pool of funds for making grants within their local community. A local advisory board assesses needs and opportunities to decide where to award grants in order to make the post positive impact in the target community. 

How is a community fund different than an affiliate? 

Our statewide network provides a system to build local philanthropy across our state. There are two ways for a community to become part of our system: 

Affiliates have a local office, part-time executive director and responsibility for local donor services, fund development, community leadership initiatives and administration. Affiliates must serve one or more counties. The focus is on bringing the full services of the Community Foundation to the local area. 

Community Funds
are a simpler way to plug in to our network. Rather than providing the full services of the Community Foundation through a staffed office, a community fund group is focused solely on raising funds for a central grantmaking pool and awarding those funds to causes in their area. There is no minimum footprint, so the fund can be established to serve a single town or area, rather than an entire county. 

Contact our community investment staff to learn more. 

Sarah Kinser, Chief Program Officer
Rhonna Wade, Affiliate HR Director



Our Community Funds

  • Fairfield Bay Community Fund 
  • Jackson County Community Fund 

Our affiliate offices work locally in every corner of Arkansas. Find the affiliate near you.

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