Apply for the Oaklawn Foundation Scholarship

The Oaklawn Foundation Scholarship, administered by Hot Springs Area Community Foundation, is available each spring for residents of Hot Springs pursuing higher education. 

To apply, log in to the Community Foundation's online application portal and select the Oaklawn Foundation Scholarship from among the scholarship options listed. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete your application online. 

When you apply, you'll provide information about your financial need, educational history and community/extracurricular involvement. You'll be asked to upload: 

    • Educational Objective/Personal Essay stating your educational plans, goals, and your personal story.  Include any special circumstances you have experienced such as:  military service, disability of yourself, sibling, child, parent or family member, single parent family, change in family/personal income, child care and/or elder care expenses, personal expenses due to unemployment or other circumstances, death in family, or casualty losses due to weather, fire, or natural causes.  
    • Two letters of recommendation dated no earlier than June 1, 2018. Letters dated prior to June 1, 2018 will not be accepted.  
    • Copy of your Transcript or GED Certificate

Begin Online Application

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Any Garland County resident who is or will be enrolled at any of the following: 

  • Accredited community college
  • Technical school
  • Four-year public or private college or university (including graduate or post-graduate level studies) 



Contact Joyce Whitfield, Hot Springs Area Community Foundation executive director.



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