Register Now for YAC Attack! 2013

It's that time of the year; YAC Attack '13 is here!  Thank you for your willingness to participate. Get ready for two days full of philanthropic empowerment, skill building, activities and fun!  YAC Attack '13 is a great chance to be a part of the Youth Philanthropy Movement in Arkansas.  It's an opportunity to connect with other YACers across the state and discuss ways to have the most impact with your grants.

The conference will be held March 1-2, 2013 at Camp Tanako in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  The theme this year is "Engage, Connect, and Build".  YACs are making a difference in their communities because of their ability to do just that.  We’ve invited speakers to talk to YOU about what this looks likes and how it’s done effectively.  We've incorporated sessions for the advisors too!  Advisors are an intricate part of YAC, and so, we've added them to the conference equation.
Please complete the registration form in its entirety.  The conference cost this year is the same as it was last year; $20. The cost will cover meals, lodging and YAC Wear (t-shirts)!  Please register and submit your payment by Feb. 4, 2013. 

Required Paperwork

Before you arrive for YAC Attack! '13, we need you to fill out a bit of paperwork. Please download and complete the event liability waiver/medical form/behavior contract and return it to the Arkansas Community Foundation central office. 

All participants (adults and students) must submit these forms prior to the event. Participants will not be admitted without a signed form. Please note that the student form includes some sections that must be completed by a parent or legal guardian. 

You can bring the form with you to the event or submit it in advance by mail, fax or email:
  • Mail: 1400 W. Markham, Suite 206, Little Rock, AR 72201
  • Fax: 501-372-1166
  • Email: 

1400 West Markham, Suite 206 | Little Rock, Arkansas 72201 | 501-372-1116 | | Directions

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