What is a Future Fund?

A Future Fund is a way for young professionals to give back to their communities. It doesn’t take great wealth, and it doesn’t require a huge time commitment. 

Simply put, you and your peers contribute to a special charitable fund at Fayetteville Area Community Foundation, and together, you come to a decision about which local charities you want to support with your pooled dollars. 

When you join the future fund, you get to meet other young professionals who share your interests, learn about needs in our community and take an active role in finding solutions.  And because your contribution is invested in a permanent endowment,
the money you donate now will continue to grow and benefit our community when your children and grandchildren are in their 20s and 30s. 
“I’ve always known that supporting my community was important, but never felt I could really make a difference. This provides an opportunity for my wife and me to plug in and give back in a manner that is feasible for our stage of life right now.  We all know that there is strength in numbers.” - Stuart Baber
Join Our Family of Philanthropists
Ready to learn more? Contact Katie Tennant, executive director of the community foundation, at 479-444-6880 or fayettevillearea@arcf.org. Fayetteville Area Community Foundation is a local office of Arkansas Community Foundation.  We strive to serve the community through establishment of endowment funds to help connect our citizens to causes they care about, through grants to help further the work of nonprofit organizations in our community and through community leadership.

“I got involved with FFF because it’s a place young people can go to become educated and aware of the needs of our community.  Where you might feel that alone you can’t help, as a group, we can make a difference for Fayetteville’s Future." - Katie Tennant

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