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Do You Like to Think Ahead?

Giving Tree PaintingWhen forward-thinking donors come together through Arkansas Community Foundation's Giving Tree Endowments, they provide a way to respond to our state's ever changing needs forever. Although we can't know what the future will hold, we can plan now to ensure that resources are available to support needs that emerge 10, 50 or even 100 years from now.

You can increase the impact of your giving by supporting the local Giving Tree Endowment in your community and pooling your funds with others who want to support the Foundation’s capacity to make grants.  Each Giving Tree Endowment is permanently invested, providing an ongoing source of funding to meet the changing needs in our communities. 

Donate to the Giving Tree Endowment in your community.

Giving Tree Endowments Respond to Needs

We awarded more than $900,000 in Giving Tree grants during our 2011 fiscal year. Learn more about how your gift to a Giving Tree Endowment can make a difference for local nonprofits.  
Each of our 27 local offices  has its own Giving Tree Endowment, as does the central office in Little Rock. We use these pooled charitable funds to make annual grants through a competitive process open to nonprofits throughout the state. Giving Tree funds have supported a statewide hunger relief matching program, training programs to assist individuals seeking citizenship, development of an urban school farm and hundreds of other innovative projects across the state.

Your Gift Helps Arkansas Forever

Your gift will remain in Arkansas, where it will benefit charitable causes and organizations locally and statewide forever. Giving Tree grants will be directed to the programs or organizations making change and offering the most vital services at the time.

Madelyn and Jerry Adams
Madelyn and Jerry Adams
Donors who give $10,000 or more to a local or statewide Giving Tree Endowment become members of The Giving Tree Society.

Madelyn and Jerry Adams
Sharon K. and William B.* Allen
Jane A.* and John G.* Asimos
Betsy Ledbetter Askew*
Sharon and Ted A. Bailey
Leslie and Ted Belden
Ada Boyd*
Dolores and Thomas Bruce
Gertrude R. Butler*
Shannon and John Chamberlin
Estate of Clara May Cheatham*
Mary Anna Chop*
Charleen M. and Edgar Copeland
Olivia and Jack Dowell
Mary Ann and Robert Gammill Jr.
Mary Warnock Harsh
Janelle* and H. L.* Hembree III
Wendy and Collins Hemingway
Libby and Jerry B. Jackson
Molly and Larry E.Kircher
Betty and Clint Langley
Lorayne* and Lloyd* Mambourg
Thomas W. McGill
Phoebe T. and Dan Miller
Barbara and Don Munro
Mary B.* and R.A.* Nelson
Marilynn and Robert A. Porter
Carol and Dave Pringle
Elgenia and James A. Ross Jr.
J. Baxter Sharp III
Grace and John Steuri
Norris Cunningham Taylor*
Kay and E.G. VanTrain
Bridgette and Rodney Watson
Waco Watts*
Charles West*
Carole and James G.Williamson Jr.
Pat and Mike* Wilson

* Deceased

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